i365 October

Oct. 1           Role Call點名/点名

Oct. 2           PTSD創傷後壓力症候群/创伤后压力症候群

Oct. 3           Perspective onLife人生觀/人生观

Oct. 4           Greater than Alexander the Great較亞歷山大大帝更偉大/较亚历山大大帝更伟大

Oct. 5           Be Honest to yourself對自己誠實/对自己诚实

Oct. 6           Heart Surgery 心臟手術/心脏手术

Oct. 7           The Greatest Problem of humankind 人類最大的難題/人类最大的难题

Oct. 8           Unforgiving World!沒有饒恕的世界!/没有饶恕的世界!

Oct. 9           A Strange Way! 奇怪的方式!

Oct. 10         Don’t Hold a Grudge Till Your Last Breath!不要帶著仇恨離世!/不要带着仇恨离世!

Oct. 11         What Is Freedom? 甚麼是自由?/什么是自由?

Oct. 12         Why Should I be Thankful? 我為何要感恩?/我为何要感恩?

Oct. 13         Right Timing合適時機/合适时机

Oct. 14         Waiting for The Wrong Person等錯人/等错人

Oct. 15         Need a New Rope? 需要新繩子嗎?/需要新绳子吗?

Oct. 16         Falling in a Dream在夢中墜落/在梦中坠落

Oct. 17         When Your Boss is Away! 當老闆不在時!/当老板不在时!

Oct. 18         Anything That Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong! 凡能出錯的必出錯!/凡能出错的必出错!

Oct. 19         Peer Pressure同輩壓力/同辈压力

Oct. 20    Finally! 終於!/终于!

Oct. 21         ABC

Oct. 22         Numbness! 麻木!

Oct. 23         California Wildfire加州野火

Oct. 24    When the Time Comes當時機成熟時/当时机成熟时

Oct. 25         The Beginning of the End終結的開始/终结的开始

Oct. 26         Do It Right the First Time一步到位/一步到位

Oct. 27         The New Normal新常態/新常态

Oct. 28         The Warning Signals警報/警报

Oct. 29         The Alarm Has Sounded 警鐘鳴響/警钟鸣响

Oct. 30         Warming Up熱身/热身

Oct. 31         Online Dating網上約會/网上约会

Role Call點名/点名
Perspective onLife人生觀/人生观
Greater than Alexander the Great較亞歷山大大帝更偉大/较亚历山大大帝更伟大
Be Honest to yourself對自己誠實/对自己诚实
Heart Surgery 心臟手術/心脏手术
The Greatest Problem of humankind 人類最大的難題/人类最大的难题
Unforgiving World!沒有饒恕的世界!/没有饶恕的世界!
A Strange Way! 奇怪的方式!
Don’t Hold a Grudge Till Your Last Breath!不要帶著仇恨離世!/不要带着仇恨离世!
 What Is Freedom? 甚麼是自由?/什么是自由?
Why Should I be Thankful? 我為何要感恩?/我为何要感恩?
Right Timing合適時機/合适时机
Waiting for The Wrong Person等錯人/等错人
Need a New Rope? 需要新繩子嗎?/需要新绳子吗?
Falling in a Dream在夢中墜落/在梦中坠落
 When Your Boss is Away! 當老闆不在時!/当老板不在时!
Anything That Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong! 凡能出錯的必出錯!/凡能出错的必出错!
  Peer Pressure同輩壓力/同辈压力
Finally! 終於!/终于!
Numbness! 麻木!
 California Wildfire加州野火
When the Time Comes當時機成熟時/当时机成熟时
 The Beginning of the End終結的開始/终结的开始
Do It Right the First Time一步到位/一步到位
 The New Normal新常態/新常态
The Warning Signals警報/警报
The Alarm Has Sounded 警鐘鳴響/警钟鸣响
Warming Up熱身/热身
Online Dating網上約會/网上约会

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