The Baby 2.0

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The Baby 2.0

Although it happened so many years ago, I could still remember the exhilarating joy as a father. I would not trade anything in the world for witnessing the birth of my child.

We were all once newborn babies! We were not only naked, but were so helpless, and powerless too! Our survival had to fully depend on the provisions of our loving parents, and because of that, we should love and honour our mothers and fathers. Our humble beginnings serve as a good reminder, that one day, we would become feeble again. Even most influential people would become helpless and powerless once again, waiting to catch the last breath on earth.

I cannot fathom the fact that the Triune God chose to born as a baby boy. This is a theological truth that still fascinates me!

The ultimate Christmas Story is about the Baby who would transform humanity for the best one day. The life of Christ can be summed up in three words. The “Crib”, the “Cross” and the “Coming”. On the day of His birth, the manger had become the crib of the little Baby Jesus. Christ’s mission was all about the cross. He conquered the curse of sin on the cross that He rose from the dead. Owing to His cross, all Christ followers have become victors in Him. The Christmas Story speaks of the first Coming of Christ, but it would not be completed without the message of His Second Coming. God continues to grant all sorts of opportunities for humankind to know Him experientially and He is also waiting patiently for us to do so. However, God’s waiting period would come to an end, and one of these days, Jesus Christ will come again. The Christmas Story will definitely end on a high note!

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