i365 August

Aug. 1          Lunatics? 瘋子?/疯子?

Aug. 2          He Loves You Anyway不管怎樣,祂仍是愛你/不管怎样,祂仍是爱你

Aug. 3          The Bridge橋樑/桥梁

Aug. 4          Oops! That Hurts! 哎喲!真痛呀!/ 哎哟!真痛呀!

Aug. 5          Unhealthy Ambition不健康的野心

Aug. 6          I Can Do Anything Better than You我能做得比你更好

Aug. 7          Superiority Versus Inferiority優越與自卑/优越与自卑

Aug. 8          Do You Care? 你關心嗎?/你关心吗?

Aug. 9          Attitude態度/态度

Aug. 10       Life-changing Picture改變人生的圖畫/改变人生的图画

Aug. 11       Humble Beginning卑微的開始/卑微的开始

Aug. 12       It’s You Two Again! 又是你們兩人!/又是你们两人!

Aug. 13   Against Our Competitive Nature違反好競爭的天性/违反好竞争的天性

Aug. 14   Very High Standard! 非常高的標準!/非常高的标准!

Aug. 15       Crystal Clear晶瑩剔透/晶莹剔透

Aug. 16       Fault-finders過錯尋找者/过错寻找者

Aug. 17       New Headlight Technology車前大燈的新科技/车前大灯的新科技

Aug. 18       On Eagles’ Wings在飛鷹的翅膀上/在飞鹰的翅膀上

Aug. 19       Bible Roulette聖經輪盤/圣经轮盘

Aug. 20       Unhealthy Affection 不健康的情感

Aug. 21       Healthy Affection 健康的情感

Aug. 22       Bomb Alert炸彈警報/炸弹警报

Aug. 23       Left Behind友叛親離/友叛亲离

Aug. 24       Fire Escape太平門/太平门

Aug. 25       What Would I Do?我該怎樣作?/我该怎样作?

Aug. 26       Mayday 求救信號/求救信号

Aug. 27       Before It’s Too Late免得為時已晚!/免得为时已晚!

Aug. 28       Old Age Benefit長者福利/长者福利

Aug. 29       Silver-haired銀髮一族/銀发一族

Aug. 30       Time Flies時間飛逝/时间飞逝

Aug. 31       House Rules家規/家规

 Lunatics? 瘋子?/疯子?
He Loves You Anyway不管怎樣,祂仍是愛你/不管怎样,祂仍是爱你
The Bridge橋樑/桥梁
 Oops! That Hurts! 哎喲!真痛呀!/ 哎哟!真痛呀!
Unhealthy Ambition不健康的野心
I Can Do Anything Better than You我能做得比你更好
Superiority Versus Inferiority優越與自卑/优越与自卑
 Do You Care? 你關心嗎?/你关心吗?
Life-changing Picture改變人生的圖畫/改变人生的图画
Humble Beginning卑微的開始/卑微的开始
 It’s You Two Again! 又是你們兩人!/又是你们两人!
Against Our Competitive Nature違反好競爭的天性/违反好竞争的天性
Very High Standard! 非常高的標準!/非常高的标准!
Crystal Clear晶瑩剔透/晶莹剔透
New Headlight Technology車前大燈的新科技/车前大灯的新科技
On Eagles’ Wings在飛鷹的翅膀上/在飞鹰的翅膀上
Bible Roulette聖經輪盤/圣经轮盘
Unhealthy Affection 不健康的情感
 Healthy Affection 健康的情感
Bomb Alert炸彈警報/炸弹警报
Left Behind友叛親離/友叛亲离
Fire Escape太平門/太平门
What Would I Do?我該怎樣作?/我该怎样作?
Mayday 求救信號/求救信号
Before It’s Too Late免得為時已晚!/免得为时已晚!
Old Age Benefit長者福利/长者福利
Time Flies時間飛逝/时间飞逝
House Rules家規/家规

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