i365 Intro 2.0

In life’s journey, it’s natural that we encounter all sorts of problems, large and small, every day. We long to have insights dealing with these issues. In short, we need to have the insight of the moment on a regular basis.

By means of reading and meditating on the Bible, we will have God-inspired insights. These heavenly insights would provide us comfort, strength and wisdom to lead our lives.

i365 is the abbreviation of “The Insights of the Moment for 365 Days”. There are four aspects or 4 Ps that I hope you would practice: 

The first P is: “Ponder”.

The first step of gaining God-inspired insights is to ponder over each Bible passage slowly and prayerfully.

The second P is: “Pose”.

It’s normal that we don’t understand a particular Bible passage all the time. It’s common that we don’t understand our situations and problems. Thus, it’s fine to pose a question to God.

The third P is: “Practice”.

After gaining the insights from above, we must put these truths to practice. By means of practicing God’s truths, we would obtain experiential knowledge. 

The fourth P is: “Proclaim”.

Gaining divine insights and experiencing God aren’t solely for your own benefit. Blessing others should be our goals and actions in life. Proclaim is the action of sharing experiential knowledge with others.

i365 Intro 2.0

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