Waiting for The Wrong Person (i365 Day 288) 2.0

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Waiting for The Wrong Person (i365 Day 288) 2.0

Most young boys and young girls dream of the right guy or right gal appearing in their lives. Consequently, they would wait for Mr or Mrs Right. In reality, some waited for the wrong person, and their marriages ended on a sour note.

In Jeremiah’s days, some people trusted in Baal, the Canaanite storm god, to provide rain at the right time if they brought their sacrifices and offerings to him. In a nutshell, some individuals were waiting on the wrong god for provision. And because of that, they should repent and turn to the one true God, Yahweh instead. Let’s ponder the words of Jeremiah.


22Are there any among the false gods of the nations that can bring rain? Or can the heavens give showers? Are you not he, O Lord our God? We set our hope on you, for you do all these things. (Jeremiah 14:22 ESV) 


Let’s pose a question to God. “Dear God, could You teach me to set my hope on You?”


Let’s practice what you learnt. Pray that you always set your hope on God.


Let’s proclaim to others about your experiential knowledge. Share your faith in God with a non-believer.

Waiting for The Wrong Person (i365 Day 288) 2.0

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