Feeling Without Feelings

Great musicians have the ability to feel their audience and play their music with instinctive feelings. Gifted novelists feel the people around them and produce literature with remarkable feelings. Exceptional leaders have the unusual capacity of feeling the needs, pains and struggles of their supporters and opponents alike, that they can respond to them with appropriate feelings and actions.
Around the world there are a few hundred people who are suffering from CIP (congenital insensitivity to pain). It is a genetic disorder. In short, sufferers are insensitive to all sorts of pain. Insensitivity to pain is not a blessing but a curse. Similarly, it would be sad if some people try to feel the things around them, but they cannot produce the corresponding feelings like others. The gift of having feelings is a blessing.
Misunderstandings between one another is not rare. Out of many reasons, insensitivity to others is one of them, which is a sad phenomenon of feeling without feelings. God is the Maker of our senses and He can reactivate our inner core of feelings. Let’s pray to the Creator that we can be more sensitive to one another!

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