From Misunderstanding to Understanding 4

Have you ever been angry with someone? “Definitely!” would be your answer! 

Ladies, if your husband or boyfriend don’t bring you flowers anymore, would you be angry? “Definitely” would be your answer! Most people like to be pampered. If others stop pleasing us, it’s natural that we would be angry with them.Have you ever been angry with God? Many people, including Christians, they simply don’t want to share their deepest feelings with others. As a Christian, as a pastor, I have been angry with God on numerous occasions. I was angry with God for the following reasons: first, I didn’t like the treatment that I received from Him; second, I thought He was unfair. As I reflected on my anger, I have to admit that I have misunderstood God’s character and good intentions. One thing is that God is God and He doesn’t have to please me. Moreover, He has His unique plans for me and others.