Speaking Without Communicating

Report card days would make many students anxious. Back in my schooldays, teachers wouldn’t hesitate to write the following comment on report cards – chatterbox or too talkative in class.
Chatterboxes talk a lot, but they don’t necessary communicate well with others. Obviously, they would get the attention of some people, but likely they would turn their audience off. Speaking is a means to communicate, but improper speeches would cause misunderstandings.
Not all people can read our minds, therefore we should learn how to speak up. Most importantly, we should learn to speak our minds. Saying what we really think is a reflection of our integrity. Speaking freely and fearlessly is a privilege that we enjoy in countries with freedom of speech.
It doesn’t matter where you are right now. You might be shy of sharing your inner thoughts with others, but there is a platform where we can practice speaking freely and fearlessly – home. Honest words might hurt at times, but it would eliminate misunderstandings. Appropriate speaking would enhance healthy relationships.

Related video in English:


Related video in Chinese:


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