Seeing Without Visualizing

With the ability of seeing, we can see the pretty dress that you’re wearing now! With our eyesight we can tell that you have a new stylish haircut!” All in all, it is blessed to have the ability of seeing. Although many people have the ability to see, they simply don’t have the ability to visualize. What I meant is that visualization is the ability of seeing things at a deeper level. Many folks see the exterior of other people, but they don’t have the ability of seeing and identifying their inner needs and hurt.
As globetrotters travel around the world, they can see things that others don’t, but, can they see things at a deeper level? Some do and some don’t. Throughout the centuries, many leaders and social reformers see things differently. From what they see, they visualize the inner pains and struggles of their fellow citizens, thus transforming these images into meaningful actions.
The world needs to have some positive changes. Our community needs to be transformed for the better. There is room to improve our relationship with all our family members. If we don’t see things at a shallow level, but visualize at a deeper level, brighter days wouldn’t be far off from us!

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