For lawn lovers, they hate to see weeds growing on their lush green grass. One of the weeds that they don’t like to see is the dandelion. I usually get down on my hands and knees to uproot these unsightly vegetations. Dejectedly, after hours of hard labour, dandelions would eventually appear on my lawn again. Dandelions are really resilient plants.

No wonder someone jokily declares that the dandelion is the official flower of Father’s Day; the reason behind it is thatthe more it is trampled upon it, the better it grows. Honestly speaking, that person who said it might mean as a gag, but there is a deep truth of life in it. The world is a jungle that people intentionally trample upon you, and for sure most people have such kind of experience. Well, people can choose to mock us, or even trample upon us, but it is all up to us how to respond. We should behave like dandelions, the more people trample upon us, the better we become as a person. 

Children usually don’t present flowers to their fathers on Father’s Day, but it might be a cool thing for you to receive dandelions as a gift this year. Even if you don’t have dandelions as a gift, Mother Nature might have already provided you with some on your lawn.

When you see dandelions again – remember the more it is trampled upon it, the better it grows. As we go through troubles and adversities, let’s determine to be a better person.

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