Humble Pie

Have you ever tasted humble pie before? Personally speaking, figuratively or literally, I don’t like it at all!

In the medieval days, peasants eat pies which are made of umbles. Umbles or numbles, are the entrails of an animal. As peasants lived in humble circumstances, ‘eat humble pie’ has evolved to become its current idiomatic meaning.

According to figurative speech, humble pie is forced submission, apology, or retraction. It is some sort of making a humble apology and accepting humiliation.Honestly speaking, who would like forced humility? 

In political arena, some politicians are true patriots, but some fight for their own gain. In political workplaces, many people fight for the top prizes and the highest places; if they caught their opponents making a mistake, they would do all they could to force their rivals to eat humble pie. I sincerely hope you would not be caught in such a dire situation!

Forced humility is painful! If a person is truly humble, he or she would live out humility at will. Many people believe humility is not essential in climbing the social ladder. As for me, humility is an important character trait that many individuals have often overlooked!

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