A man dedicates his entire life to his family. The most admirable thing is that he stays true to his dear wife because he sees faithfulness a virtue. On the contrary, another man chooses to defy his marriage vows, engaging in multiple extramarital relationships, because he does not regard faithfulness in marriage is a must, but also sees it as a sign of weakness. Is faithfulness a virtue or weakness? What is your opinion?
Seventy-five years ago, thousands of faithful soldiers died on the first day of D-Day. As the whole Europe was engulfed in evil, for the liberation and wellbeing of France, the soldiers chose to stay faithful to the commanding orders, to their country, and right to the very end!
The Scriptures speaks of God’s faithful love. Although humans aren’t that faithful to one another and God at times, He still continues to surround us with His faithful love. In the midst of sufferings, the author of Lamentations testifies to the world that “The faithful love of the LORD never ends!” (Lamentations 3:22 NLT). In another Bible translation, it echoes with the previous version, saying, “Because of the LORD’s faithful love we do not perish, for His mercies never end.” (HCSB)
If we want to stay loyal to our spouse, our children, our colleagues and others, we simply have to be immersed in God’s faithful love all the time!

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