Honestly speaking, I envy people who can finish running a full Marathon. I haven’t tried one but don’t even dare to attempt. For those who could successfully complete the grueling race must have trained very hard, also, they are physically and mentally fit.
Many people see life as a race, not only we have to run with endurance, but we must finish triumphantly.
Physical fitness is vital, but spiritual health is equally important as well. Humans are holistic beings and our physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual dimensions are intricately interwoven together.
Concerning the spiritual needs of human beings, I have come up with an acronym – RACE. R stands for “Relationship”. It speaks of our relationship with God and others; the divine and human aspect of relationship affect our spiritual and emotional wellbeing. A is “Ability”, which stands for ministry skills. As Christians, we need to improve our skills of serving God and human beings. For example, if we need to know God better, we must need the skill of understanding His written Word. If we want to communicate and connect with others naturally, appropriately and effectively, we need to have relational skills. As no human being is an island, we need relational skill sets. Community life is key to our spiritual and emotional health. C represents “Character”. In running the race in life, character building should be one of the goals of our spiritual journey. E stands for “Emotion”. As humans are spiritual beings, our emotional health is very important. Many people are fit physically, but not emotionally. Life can be tough at times, but we simply need to have good emotional health.
The race in life isn’t just about physical stamina, but spiritual health as well!

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