Time Tunnel

When I was a child, I loved to watch a television series called Time Tunnel. Although it is a science fiction, the idea of time travel fascinates me!
In reality, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could enter time tunnel that we could relive our lives once again? If we were time travelers, would we choose to respect our parents more when we were young? If we could travel through time, would we choose to be better students? Would we choose to have a different career path instead? If we could do it all over again, for sure we wouldn’t blurt out those harsh words or wouldn’t do those nasty things to our spouses. As for our parenting, it would absolutely be different. If we knew what would happen that night, we would travel through time and choose not to drive. If we could travel through space and witness how we die, would we live differently?
Sorry, there isn’t a time tunnel around. We simply cannot relive our lives. Life has to move on. People often say, let bygones be bygones. What matters most is the choices that you make now!
In the utilitarian world that we live in, second chances might be rare! But in the Bible, God reveals Himself as the Lord of second chances. Human beings often fail miserably, but God is always more than willing to provide humans second chances. God is good and loving, He has given me many second chances. Are you willing to give others a second chance? Would you turn to God for a second chance?

Second Chance 2 (English):

Second Chance 2 (Chinese):

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