Only One Word!

Verbal communication is very important! Without proper communication, relationship and marriage would surely break down. One day, a strange notion came to my mind: if we can only utter one word in our lives, what word would it be?
As for gluttons, they would have said, “Food!” Some money-conscious individuals would definitely shout at the top of their lungs, “Money!” Many people live for fame and status, the word that they would say might be “prominence!”
As for me, the one and only one word that I communicate will be “love!” The reason is very simple, as I have tasted the importance of interpersonal and God’s love, my sincere hope is that others can experience and treasure more of human and divine love.
There is a word that describes the life of Jesus best: “love”. In short, the words and works of Christ is all about love. The Christmas story of Jesus is in fact a love story. Jesus came to live among human beings for thirty-three years and is a perfect sketch of God’s love on earth. Although the short earthly life of Jesus ended on Easter Friday, the Easter message speaks loud and clear about God’s infinite love for humankind.
If you can only utter one word in your lifetime, who would you speak to and what would you say?

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