What matters most?

Someone asked the hiring manager, “What matters most to you in choosing the right candidate?” “What matters most to you when it comes to voting for the president or the prime minister of your country?” John poked the question at Jane. How about you? Do you look for their credentials? Does charm play a part in your choice? How about their competencies? Would you consider their character as well?
The world is full of people with eye-catching credentials. Many ladies and gentlemen are simply charming. Some individuals are gifted with extraordinary competencies. However, numerous political leaders and religious figures have let many of their followers down because of their flawed character. I think character matters most when it comes to leadership.
Eleanor Roosevelt, one of the most famous first ladies of United States, says, “Character building begins in our infancy, and continues until death.” With a similar tone, Plutarch, the world-renowned writer and philosopher, reckons that “Character is long-standing habit.” Bad habits are easily formed but good moral character takes a lifetime to form. Character formation is very crucial.
The Bible not only stresses the importance of character formation but also shows us the means. Believers receive the divine saving grace as they become Christ followers, but the journey of character formation will continue until their death.
In this e-era, most people would check on your credentials. As we are interconnected with one another, it would not be a bad thing for us to be more charming. While we live in an utilitarian society, the improvement of our competence would be beneficial. But, what matters most to me? I think an upright character should come first!

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