What does AAA stand for? It all depends on which part of the world you come from. In America, it means American Automobile Association. In the United Kingdom, AAA stands for Amateur Athletic Association. Aussies see it as Australian Automobile Association.
In this article, AAA represent three words: abuse, abhor and appreciate.
Many people simply love to give orders, but the most satisfying part to them is that others are forced into submission.
It is sad to find out that many business, political and religious figures have abused their authority. Their egoistical decisions and actions not only hurt others, but these selfish acts would eventually damage their family name and their own reputation.
Authority does not rest on a person’s office alone. An authority figure should demonstrate integrity and competence.
Due to their childhood experiences, upbringing or background, some folks simply abhor authority. They despise authority figures as power-hungry individuals. To them, business entrepreneurs, politicians and religious leaders are the symbols of their disgust and depression.
People with authority often comes with a price tag, that is to say, the public would critique you, the media would scrutinize you, and many people might misunderstand you.
I must admit that not all authority figures are leaders with integrity and competence, but we should learn to accept and appreciate their public services. Also, we can pray for them. As God is the author of everything, and He is the Giver of temporal and secular authority to humankind, let’s learn to appreciate our leaders more (Romans 13)!

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