Moments of Perfection

People often say, “Perfect!” You might protest in saying, “No one is perfect and nothing in the world is perfect!” Well, to a certain extent, you are absolutely right. My character is full of flaws and so are you. According to the documentary that I watched recently, Taj Mahal isn’t that perfect after all. Shah Jahan wanted to build a perfect mausoleum for his beloved deceased wife, but the dome isn’t symmetrical according to plan.
Children often complain about their fathers and mothers of their imperfect characters and behaviors. Being a father, I have grown to identify more of my own shortcomings and limitations; therefore, as a son, I have come to my senses that I shouldn’t be too harsh on my parents. Honestly, there aren’t perfect parents around. Although all parents are imperfect, they still have their moments of perfection!
Like I said before, no human beings are perfect, including mothers, but they still have their moments of perfection. Mothers had their moments of perfection in enduring birth pains, faithfully caring for their children, patiently dealing with the horrifying tantrums of their kids, tearfully handling the emotional outbursts of their teenage children, unceasingly praying for their grown-up children. The list goes on and on! What constitutes their moments of perfection? Selfless and sacrificial love!
It’s great that people around the world have dedicated a special day to cherish our mothers. More importantly, we should value our mothers every day. Life is brief but precious, therefore treasure the short-lived moments with our mothers and our loved ones!

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