“Above us, only sky”

“Above us, only sky” is the motto of an airport. Which airport? Liverpool John Lennon Airport. In 2001, the airport was renamed in honour of one of the famous sons of this great city. The above phrase is a line from John Lennon’s song “Imagine”. Longing for world peace, he imagined if there were no countries, there wouldn’t be wars and conflicts. He imagined if there were no religions, religious tensions and clashes would cease to exist. I am sure the lyrics will continue to echo in the hearts of many pacifists.

As a peace-loving person, I am saddened by the ongoing civil wars, racial conflicts, religious tensions and persecutions. History repeats itself because humans fail to learn the necessary lessons from the past; and most importantly, we don’t have the capability to live peacefully with one another. 

The Bible speaks of love and forgiveness, but sadly, even Christians fought against one another in the past, and more horrifying, they wrongly persecuted others in the name of crusades. On the other hand, people have erroneously persecuted Christians as well.

Well, to me, Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship. In simple terms, by trusting in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, one would become a child of God, which speaks of a personal relationship with God instead of an institutional religion; however, most people still regard the Christian faith as another religion. In other words, Christianity isn’t immune from religious tensions.  

According to the biblical prophecies, in the end times, racial and religious frictions will continue to escalate (Matthew 24:3-14). Christ followers will receive the harshest treatment in human history. If you want to know more, please watch the following presentation:


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