Do You Have Any Conscience? (i365 Day 267) 2.0

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Do You Have Any Conscience? (i365 Day 267) 2.0

If you dig up the past, for sure you will find something very terrible in the world’s history! We would have yelled at the top of our lungs, saying, “Did they have any conscience at all? If they had, they wouldn’t do such a thing.”

All humans are born with an intuitive sense of the distinction between right and wrong. If you like, you can see conscience as an inner moral voice. Due to the total depravity of humankind, no one could make sound judgment all the time. And that’s why we need Jesus Christ as our Saviour!  

Let’s ponder Paul’s words on human conscience.


14Even Gentiles, who do not have God’s written law, show that they know his law when they instinctively obey it, even without having heard it. 15They demonstrate that God’s law is written in their hearts, for their own conscience and thoughts either accuse them or tell them they are doing right. (Romans 2:14–15 NLT)


Let’s pose a question to God. “Dear God, could You help me to make sound judgment?”


Let’s practice what you learnt. Pray that God speaks in your conscience all the time. 


Let’s proclaim to others about your experiential knowledge. Share the truth about human conscience with a non-believing friend.

Do You Have Any Conscience? (i365 Day 267) 2.0

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