The Cross (i365 Day 101) 2.0

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The Cross (i365 Day 101) 2.0

Millions of people around the world wear necklaces with beautiful crosses. However, the cross of Jesus Christ wasn’t attractive at all. It was crude and ugly, on which He was nailed. After enduring six long hours of suffering, He completed His redemptive mission on earth. On the church calendar, Easter Friday is the official day of commemorating the suffering and death of the Redeemer of humankind.

Perhaps, most people aren’t aware that we’re trapped in spiritual darkness and will meet our doom one day. Without the cross of Jesus, our destiny is gloom, but by His victorious death on the cross, believers are redeemed forever. Let’s ponder Matthew 27:31–32.


31And when they had mocked him, they stripped him of the robe and put his own clothes on him and led him away to crucify him. 32As they went out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name. They compelled this man to carry his cross. (Matthew 27:31–32 ESV) 


Let’s pose a question to God. “Can I comprehend more of Your suffering for me?” 


Let’s practice what you learnt. Meditate on the scripture passage about the passion of Christ and respond to it by praying.


Let’s proclaim to others about your experiential knowledge. Share your insights on the passion of Christ with a Christian.

The Cross (i365 Day 101) 2.0

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