Blessings of Worship (i365 Day 111) 2.0

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Blessings of Worship (i365 Day 111) 2.0

Before I received my theological training, I worked for a number of years. As I had to work on Sundays from time to time, I couldn’t attend the morning service. Owing to this reason, I envied those churchgoers who had the privilege of worshipping every Sunday. As a young believer, I always treasure the privileges that I had of worshipping God on Sunday mornings. Above all, I truly understand the blessings in worship. Psalm 84 talks about blessings of worship. Let’s ponder verse 2 to 4.


2My soul longs, yes, faints for the courts of the Lord; my heart and flesh sing for joy to the living God. 3Even the sparrow finds a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young, at your altars, O Lord of hosts, my King and my God. 4Blessed are those who dwell in your house, ever singing your praise! Selah (Psalm 84:2–4 ESV)


Let’s pose a question to God. “God, can You let me experience the blessings of worship this coming Sunday?”


Let’s practice what you learnt. Pray that you would experience the blessings in worship this Sunday.


Let’s proclaim to others about your experiential knowledge. Share with a congregant about the blessings in worship that you experienced recently.

Blessings of Worship (i365 Day 111) 2.0

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