End Times Alphabet: Zeal

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End Times Alphabet: Zeal

Having zeal as a new Christian is pretty normal, and that I can speak from my personal experience as well. When I was a newly converted believer, my prayers were that I could have the opportunities to witness Jesus Christ to strangers, all of my non-believing friends, family members and relatives. Furthermore, I seldom wasted the golden opportunities that I could speak to anyone about Christianity. However, I need to ask myself a question: after all the past years as a Christian, do I still have the zeal to serve the Lord and spread the Gospel to others now?

Among the seven churches in Revelation, it is evident that some of these churches have already lost their spiritual zeal for the Lord. On the other hand, we are glad to see multitudes of believers still have the zeal to stand up for their faith in the midst of the Great Tribulation (Revelation 7:9–14; 12:11).

When people have first tasted the love of Jesus Christ, having the initial zeal for sharing His Gospel with others is quite natural. The spiritual zeal of Christians is not a  one-shot experience, but a spiritual condition that they should cultivate throughout their earthly existence. If you are a believer in Christ, my plead to you is to pray for yourself and other Christians so that we would have the continual zeal for the Lord and His Kingdom!

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