End Times Alphabet: Yearning

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End Times Alphabet: Yearning

After living the new normal way of life for more than a year, it has driven most of us to yearn for a better future. With all the limitations that COVID-19 brings to us, who wouldn’t yearn to socialise and travel as before. As long as the pandemic isn’t curbed and its restrictions aren’t removed, we will keep on yearning for a better life. That’s normal, isn’t it?

Amid the pandemic, tens of thousands of economic and political migrants are still fleeing to another country. In fact, no one wants to leave their homeland unless necessary. They have taken the bold step of leaving their homeland because they are yearning for a better life elsewhere. On the other hand, for some migrants who have found success in a new country, the nostalgic yearning for their former homeland is prominent. As you can see, all human beings are longing for a place which they can call home! 

In the last chapter of the last book of the Bible, the Apostle John expresses that he longs to see Jesus Christ, his Lord and Saviour (Revelation 22:20). In other words, he is yearning for heaven, which is his eternal home. Dear friends and Christians, what are you yearning for now? 

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