End Times Alphabet: Victory

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End Times Alphabet: Victory

Life is a war against ________. Please fill in the blanks according to your opinion. To some children, life is a war against their siblings. For certain students and scholars, they see life as a war against their classmates and colleagues in terms of academic achievements. In the political arena, power struggle is the name of the game, in which political life is all about war against their opponents. One thing for sure is that all individuals are seeking victory in all of these wars.

In Revelation, God’s people fight against falsehoods and satanic schemes (Revelation 2:2, 10, 13; 3:4: 3;8). Although some of these believers will become martyrs because of their commitment to God’s truths, God see them as victors (Revelation 12:10). As Jesus Christ has proclaimed victory over Satan, sin and death, all of His followers have and will share His joy of victory. In Christ, all believers are in a winning position, so don’t lose heart in serving Him. Let’s be reminded that the victory over sin and death has already won by the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. One day, all God’s children will meet our Lord and Saviour face to face, celebrating our ultimate victory over sin and death. 

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