End Times Alphabet: Security

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End Times Alphabet: Security

Security comes in all sorts of forms. Everyone is seeking for security. Let me give you a few examples; for married couples, one of the essentials that they are seeking is marriage security. For most people, a house means everything to them; it is not only a shelter but a sense of security. For all breadwinners, they have to provide for themselves and their families, so job security is very important. Finally, as all of us are dealing with the issues that COVID-19 has brought to our lives, financial security is incredibly crucial to our survival.

The 27th book of the New Testament speaks of security as well. Salvation and eternal security are like twins that cannot be separated. In short, salvation brings eternal security to Christians. After committing to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, God will ensure their gift of salvation is forever and cannot be lost. Once a Christian’s name is recorded in the book of life, Jesus Christ will not blot out his or her name from it (Revelation 3:5). No one on earth can earn their own salvation by their good works (Ephesians 2:8–9), only God can secure their places in heaven forever (Revelation20:12; 20:15; 21:27). The certainty of salvation is eternal security, which is the assurance of Christians.

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