End Times Alphabet: Restoration

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End Times Alphabet: Restoration

Dusting is a detestable chore. Although you dislike it, you have to do it from time to time. Because you were sick and tired of this task, you weren’t paying much attention to what you were cleaning. Oops! You accidentally whacked your family’s antique vase with the duster so hard that it fell on the floor and broke up into pieces. My recommendation to you is that before informing your family members about your blunder, find a trustworthy antique restorer first. 

The world is broken spiritually and physically. Although people are trying very hard to fix its many moral and physical problems, it seems like it is beyond repair! The truth of the matter is that we need a Restorer. The Apostle John foretells that the broken world is going to be restored. Finally, all sins will be eradicated in God’s Kingdom (Revelation 22:15). Moreover, all human beings and the universe will be restored to God’s rule. And the most blessed thing is that God’s presence is everywhere in His new creation (Revelation 21). Wow! What a restoration! 

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