End Times Alphabet: Quest

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End Times Alphabet: Quest

What is life to you? As for some power-hungry individuals, life is just a quest for status, authority and control. If money means a great deal to you, the quest for it must be the primary goal of your life. When a person is conscious of the importance of one’s character, the quest for integrity would become one’s major goal in life. Although truths and facts have become ambiguous and unimportant in our societies nowadays, some people would still spend their lives searching for it.

Revelation talks about the quest for truth. Jesus Christ loves humanity so much that He dies for us on the cross. With His blood He forms His church. His church is a place of divine love and truth. As His followers, we should quest for love and truth (Revelation 2:4, 3:8). For the quest of God’s will and truth, some of His people had to go through martyrdom (Revelation 6:9). 

Life is a quest for different things, but the most worthwhile thing is to seek for God’s love and truth and live them out to the fullest. 

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