End Times Alphabet: Obedience

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End Times Alphabet: Obedience

Filial piety or xiao, is a traditional Chinese cultural belief and social value. In a nutshell, it reminds people that they should put the needs of their parents and family elders over themselves, their spouses, and their children, and they should also defer to their parents’ judgment. To sum it up, obedience and honour are the essentials of filial piety. Although the concept of filial piety might be foreign to some individuals, people obey and honour their parents in Western societies and the other parts of the world.

In the Book of Revelation, it talks about obedience all the time. The Apostle John reminds the readers to hear and obey the things written in this book (Revelation 1:3). The Lord Jesus Christ prompts His church to be obedient (Revelation 3:3). During the tribulation, God demands the followers of Jesus Christ to obey His commandments and to remain faithful to the Saviour (Revelation 14:12). Once again, at the end of this book, the message of obeying God’s words is loud and clear (Revelation 22:9).

According to the Bible, God is the Father of the disciples of Jesus Christ. Because we have tasted the amazing love of Jesus Christ, and the unceasing relationship with the Redeemer, we would put God’s will over everything else. As Christians, obedience to God is not a forced obligation, but a free choice responding to His unending love! 

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