End Times Alphabet: Negligence

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End Times Alphabet: Negligence

According to Concise Oxford English Dictionary, negligence is a failure to take proper care over something. In law, it is a breach of a duty of care which results in damage. In the theological realm, there is something called sins of negligence, that is to say, these are sins resulting from inattention. Although they generally carry less serious consequences, the sinners are held responsible for them.

Pastors are called to be the shepherds of God’s flock, and I can assure you that it is a great responsibility. Intentionally or unintentionally, some pastors have committed sins of negligence. In short, they have failed to take proper care of their own congregation. Among the seven churches in Revelation, Jesus Christ points out some of their flaws (Revelation 2–3). Who are responsible for it? Without any doubt, their pastors are responsible for the spiritual state of their churches. However, these believers are also liable for their spiritual problems.

If you are still a non-Christian, please don’t neglect the Gospel! Christians, please don’t neglect your spiritual wellbeing! All in all, we are responsible for our own negligence over spiritual duties!

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