End Times Alphabet: Lordship

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End Times Alphabet: Lordship

According to my observation and belief, everyone must at least have a lord of their life. You might disagree with me and respond as follows: extreme narcissists serve only themselves and they would refuse to submit to anyone. You have a good point, but I think extreme narcissists still have a lord; although they are not subservient to anybody, they are the lords of their own life.

Throughout human history, humanity tried to evade God in various forms. Some people flatly deny His existence. Many folks know His existence, but don’t want Him to get into their lives. Humankind can refuse the rule of God, but one day He will regain His lordship over everything. Revelation depicts the lordship of God; all human governments are flawed, but God’s rule is perfect. Revelation states that the best is yet to come!

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