End Times Alphabet: Imposter

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William Ellsworth Campbell (1861—1918), an American whose parents were of Scottish descent; he chose to become a magician as his profession. Later in his career, for the sake of fame and fortune, he modeled after Ching Ling Foo, an authentic Chinese conjurer who had a successful American tour. He falsely claimed that his father was Scottish and his mother was Chinese. In order to further deceive his audience, he even took on a Chinese name, Chung Ling Soo. On stage, he pretended that he could not speak English. As Campbell had copied virtually the entire act of the Chinese magician, Ching Ling Foo accused him as an imposter.

If you study the Bible, it is not hard for you to find out Satan or the Devil is a great imposter. One of his tactics is to deceive the world by counterfeiting God, God’s plan and work. In Matthew 24, Jesus Christ foretells that many false messiahs or christs will appear before His Second Coming (Matthew 24:3). In Revelation, the demonic strategy of Satan is to offer the world a false saviour, a false king, and a false kingdom (Revelation 13). My caution to you is to watch out for imposters!

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