End Times Alphabet: Glory

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End Times Alphabet: Glory

Many nature lovers make special trips to mountaintops to witness majestic sunrise and sunset. Other nature enthusiasts are willing to pay for a large sum of money for their trip to see aurora borealis. In order to record these extraordinary moments, many bring along their high-end cameras and equipment. These natural phenomena proclaim the glory of nature. As for me, it reminds me of God’s glory, but the nature can only reflect part of His glory. 

Imperfect human beings cannot fully witness God’s glory now, but according to the Book of Revelation, God will fully reveal His glory to His people one day (Revelation 21, 22). Although I can capture a glimpse of God’s glory on earth now, I am not satisfied. Because His presence will completely unveil His glory that day, I look forward to meeting my Lord and Saviour face to face! 

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