End Times Alphabet: Falsehood

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End Times Alphabet: Falsehood

Falsehood exists since day one of human existence, and Satan is a terrible liar, he is called the father of lies (John 8:44). Our ancestors believed in the lie of the Devil (Genesis 3:5), which leads to the Fall and the endless suffering of humanity (Genesis 3:16–19). With the aid of social media and the internet, misinformation and conspiracy theories are spreading around like wildfires. I am quite certain that the father of lies will make the best use of modern technologies to propagate falsehood, so that people will die with him forever. 

As multitudes fall prey to conspiracy theories and fake news, people often respond by asking, “how could they believe in such lies?” Yes, humans like to use falsehood to deceive their fellow humankind. After the Fall, many human beings have become the advocates of lies instead of the upholders of truth. For the sake of status, power and money, many people use falsehood to manipulate others. 

The last book of the Bible has extensively revealed the falsehood of the Devil. As Satan knows his end is near, he will do whatever he can to deceive people. Sadly, Satan, the master of lies, will continue to fabricate a lot of lies in order to make people his victims. Isn’t it horrifying? However, it’s a reality!

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