End Times Alphabet: Eternity

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Most people have the concept of eternity, but when it comes to its definition, they might not able to provide you with a satisfactory one. Some theologians define eternity as infinite time and deny that it is without succession. Rev. Archibald Alexander Hodge affirms that “Eternity is infinite duration; duration discharged from all limits, without beginning, without succession, and without end.” Other theologians describe eternity as an ever-abiding present. Which one do you like?
Let’s forget the definition of eternity for the time being. The crux of the matter is that eternity exists and human beings are eternal beings. Although our lives on earth are temporal, our existence thereafter will be forever. The Book of Revelation has revealed an important truth: people will either spend eternity with or without God (Revelation 20:15; 21:3); this is a choice that we can make now!

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