End Times Alphabet: Deceiver

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End Times Alphabet: Deceiver

Beware that there are many frauds out there. If you are not careful enough, you might end up being tricked in a business deal. In a world which is full of free flow of information and knowledge, we must discern what is beneficial and truthful, or else we might be deceived! 

Satan is a fallen archangel. Ever since his rebellion against God, he is leading other fallen angels to go against the Creator and His people. In the last book of the Bible, the Apostle John depicts Satan, the greatest deceiver, and his cohorts, that is, the antichrist and the false prophet, will conspire to deceive people (Revelation 13; 19:20). Their ultimate goal is to make people their grave goods. Since Satan and his accomplices know their future is doomed (Revelation 20:7–10), they will try all they can to deceive people around the world. In the future, Satan will establish a one-world government, one-world religion, and one-world economy in the world – the ultimate goal is to force people to submit to his authority.

I know it’s hard not to be fooled by others, but the best way to counteract it is to pursue wisdom. Do you know the Bible is a book full of heavenly wisdom? If you want to increase in wisdom, read it! If you want to overcome the deception of the Devil, turn to Jesus Christ! Walk closely with the Saviour is the best way to frustrate the greatest deceiver!

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