End Times Alphabet: Climax

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End Times Alphabet: Climax

My wife and I seldom go out for a movie, but on a rare occasion, when she could get hold of cheap tickets, we had a date out. I must say the plots of some films were really bad, as I could easily predict their endings. Also, some pictures were simply boring, as they didn’t end with a climax.

The Book of Revelation is a very intriguing book. Although I have spent countless hours reading and studying it in the past, I still find it captivating. The last two chapters are the climax of the book. The prophecy of Isaiah 7:14 finds its fulfilment in Jesus Christ (Matthew 1:23). He is called Immanuel, which means “God is with us.” (Matthew 1:23 NLT). A title or description to describe the incarnation of God’s Son. In the First Coming of Jesus Christ, He briefly resided with the inhabitants of the earth for thirty-three years. But one day, God will be with His people forever – truly this is the climax of human history (Revelation 21:3)!

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