Who Broke the Wall?

In the absence of the regular teacher, the new pastor of the church taught a Sunday School class. He wanted to test the Bible knowledge of the boys so he asked them a question: “Who knocked down the wall of Jericho?” One boy raised up his hand, “it’s not me!” The others yelled, “me neither!”. All the boys denied doing it. The pastor was flabbergasted!
At the church board meeting, the pastor shared his disappointment with the leaders. For a long silence, the leaders didn’t say a word. Finally, one seasoned leader spoke up. He acknowledged the pastor’s concern but assured him that the boys were good and responsible. He believed that they really didn’t do it and didn’t know the culprit. At the end of the speech, he told the pastor that they could use the church fund to fix the wall.
Of course, the boys were right that they weren’t responsible for the damage of the wall of Jericho. Ha ha, we aren’t responsible for its damage too! (Joshua 6:20) Nevertheless, we have broken many things and relationships, causing pain to others and us, and we are all responsible for it. Although we enjoy and treasure freedom of expression, we are responsible for all words and actions in our lives.
George Bernard Shaw wisely said, “Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.” Liberty and freedom of expression come with a price tag: “responsibility”.

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