Give Us Clean Hands!

Over the years, we have witnessed many political scandals. Cover-up, hypocrisy, lying and deception have become part of the political game. Many politicians are branded as pathological liars. Like many civilians around the world, I am longing for leaders of integrity.
When was the last time you found you had been cheated? How did you feel? Angry! Feeling stupid! We don’t like crooks; but are we always or 100% truthful all the time? Our answers would be “nope, but …” If we are honest with ourselves, we need to grow in integrity as well.
Twelve summers ago, a song made me wept profusely. The songwriter was inspired by the words of Psalm 24:4-6; it’s called “Give Us Clean Hands”. I was especially touched by the following lyrics:
Give us clean hands
Give us pure hearts
Let us not lift our souls to another
And God let us be
A generation that seeks
That seeks your face
Oh God of Jacob

My prayer is that I can have clean hands and a pure heart until my last breath on earth. Moreover, I pray that God will raise up a generation that seeks His face. Definitely, the world demands a lot of things now, but one of the needs is to have a generation of politicians, leaders and populace with clean hands and pure hearts.

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