Visionary Leaders

Visionary Leaders
Many people openly say, “I am not a leader.” Like it or not, everyone is some sort of a leader. A king is a leader, and so is a queen. A president is a leader. All prime ministers and politicians fall into this category too. Religious figures are the representatives and leaders of their faiths. So are bosses, teachers, fathers and mothers. I can continue to name people that belong to this category but the list is far too long!
Leaders should be visionary and influential. Leadership should be beneficial to others, but sadly, many turn out to be detrimental instead. Courageous and selfless politicians would win the applause of their homeland, but timid and egoistic political figures would surely ruin a country’s reputation and future. Religious leaders with good character may promote their religion effectively, but those without integrity would definitely rock the foundation of their institutions. Great companies are full of remarkable visionary leaders, but diminishing establishments are filled with vision impaired leaders. Good parental leadership can shape the future of their country, but bad mothers and fathers would set horrible examples for their children, in turn, their kids would create social havocs down the road.
In order to develop visionary leadership, we should always exercise the following two things:
First, like Paul said, we should pray for political leaders on a regular basis (1 Timothy 2:1-2), as they need to have divine vision, grace, wisdom and strength in order to fulfill their duties.
Second, we should equip ourselves so that we can carry out our visionary leadership responsibilities more effectively (Ephesians 4:11-12). In a nutshell, it’s the learning effort and process that every leader need.
Leadership 101 (Chinese) on YouTube:

Leadership 101 (Chinese) Audio and Video:

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