Pigasky for President!

As Ben Pigasky is half-pig and half-boar, he is used to the jeers by his fellow animals of the United Kingdom of Animals. Because of his frizzy hair, other animals nicknamed him “Curly”. Moreover, due to his chubby physique, he was constantly bullied by his classmates. As the sweat glands of pigs are relatively ineffective in lowering body temperature, Ben and his siblings always seek relief from the heat by wallowing in mud and shallow waterholes. Out of ignorance and prejudice, other animals insult Ben and his family members by calling them “dirty and stupid”. Ben and his four brothers aren’t stupid at all; in fact, they are all top-notch students. Nowadays, Ben is a successful lawyer, and his brothers are professors and doctors. Ben’s father is a Polish pig that was born and raised in China, and his mother is a Japanese boar. Since he was a piglet, his mother time and time again reminded him and his brothers about their family’s proud heritage.
February 5, 2019, is a big day for Ben’s family, as they celebrate Chinese New Year. Most important of all, it marks the beginning of the Year of the Pig. As to Ben’s Japanese mother, it is also the commencement of the Year of the Boar. As for citizens and voters, 2019 is the presidential election year of the United Kingdom of Animals. Ever since he could remember, inequality, discrimination, injustice and oppression were parts of his daily life. As a young and successful lawyer, Ben wants to do something for his beloved country. Last year, after consulting with many of his professional friends and seeking the approval from his wife and family, Ben has decided to run for president.
How about you? What is happening around you? Do you want to do something about the inequality, discrimination, injustice and oppression in your own workplace and city?

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