All You Need is…

What are the necessities of life? Some people would quickly blurt out without even thinking, “Money!” Of course, money is essential in life. If we have no money, we can’t buy food, we can’t pay bills.

Yes, without money, we don’t even have the cash for life necessities, consequently we will be dead.

Many years ago, a famous artist chose to commit suicide. I overheard the conversation of a group of Christians. One said, “He had money and the good looks, I really don’t understand why he did this?” I was quite shocked and sad to hear that because I simply couldn’t believe even Christians thought that money was king in life.

Actually, what do we need the most?

Although the Beatles is an old-timer rock band, there are still young people who know their songs today. They have a song called “All you need is love”.

Dear friends and Christians, we really need love!

We need to be loved and we need to love the people around us.

Want to know more about love and share God’s love with others? You may find answers in the following audio and video:

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