Shop Till You Drop?…!

“Black Friday” is around the corner. Cyber Monday is right after it. To some folks, Christmas shopping has already begun. Many people like to shop and there must be valid reasons behind it. Countless individuals pursue the thrill of purchasing sale items. Some ordinary folks simply want to give themselves a treat. Bargains are seen as trophies to their endless collections, but many awards would be kept in the dark and unused for the rest of their existence. Numerous enthusiastic shoppers say, “Shop till I drop!” Perhaps, they consider shopping is better than workout in gym. Does shopping satisfy you? Definitely, but not indefinitely. What satisfies us most? If you are interested, maybe you would like to listen to the following audio:
“The Vanity of Pleasure” 享樂的虛空(傳2:1至3)傳道書2-ecclesiastes/

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