My Belief

My Belief (Audio)

  1. God
    The God I believe is unique. He is the true Triune God. I experience the love of Father God who surrounds me with His acts of love. Jesus Christ loves me so much that He gives Himself up for me. Although I am full of blemishes, He accepts me completely. Despite the fact that I cannot see the Holy Spirit, He is always by my side, accompanying me through the highs and lows of my life on earth, until the day I safely arrived my heavenly home.
  2. Christ
    I firmly believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God. In a nutshell, He is God. Through the virgin Mary, Lord Jesus became flesh and lived on earth for thirty-three years. For the sake of bearing the sins of all humankind, He died on the cross; after three days, He conquered death and was resurrected from the grave. Therefore, my fellow believers and I would attain hope and resurrected life.
  3. Humanity
    I believe humankind are born with a sinful nature. Living in the world, I cannot depend on my own strength to overcome temptation and sin, thus I need the support and help of the Triune God, but one day, when I meet Him face-to-face, I will be perfect.
  4. Salvation
    I cannot rely on my own strength to please God and gain a seat in heaven. The salvation of Jesus Christ is the greatest gift that God has given to the world. By acknowledging that I am a pathetic sinner, humbly repenting before God, and accepting Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, my sins are forgiven; and by faith alone, I can have eternal life.
  5. Bible
    I believe the Bible is a book of love from God that tells me about Him and His plans. God’s Word is inerrant, and the Bible is the blueprint and the guidelines for Christian living.
  6. Church
    I believe the church is made up of born-again believers who are saved from generation to generation. The Lord expects His believers to follow Him closely, and Christians will use the spiritual gifts of the Lord to edify and serve one another, so that the world can experience God’s work and love.
  7. Eternity
    Although there are famines, natural and man-made disasters, violence and moral depravity in this world, one day all these will come to an end. I believe the Lord Jesus will come again and take control of everything on earth. In God’s eternal kingdom, all of His people will be with the Lord who loves us forever and ever. Numerous evil deeds are recorded in history books; in my life as well, I have experienced many injustices. However, God will judge all things; because the Lord I believe in, not only is the Ruler of the universe, but also is the Lord who judges the living and the dead.