iEXP Bible Study Method

EXP Bible Study Method

The Bible speaks of God’s unchangeable truths and they are crucial for the salvation of all humankind and Christian living. For this very reason, we should spend time in studying God’s Word. 

Many Christians have Bible knowledge but do not experience God. One important thing is that, Bible study should not just boil down to the attainment of biblical truths and principles. As Christians, we should also apply the learned truths into our daily living as means to experience the validity and power of God’s truths, so that we can be transformed in our Christian character. Also, we should not be the sole beneficiaries but should bless the people around us.

Because of this, the “iEXP Bible Study Method” is developed. “iEXP” (I experience) is an experiential Bible study method which involves four steps.  The first step is “i”, which stands for eye, the initial phase is to observe. The second phase is to expound the Bible text. The third stage is to exercise the truths, that is, the application of biblical truths in everyday life. Finally, the last step is the proclamation of biblical principles. It is an act of testifying the truths to others, as means to edify non-believers and believers alike.