i365 五月

May 1          Genuine Forgiveness 真饒恕/真饶恕

May 2      Tears 眼淚/眼泪

May 3          Sibling Rivalry 兄弟之爭

May 4          Anxiety Management 處理焦慮/处理焦虑

May 5          My Misjudgment 錯誤的判斷/错误的判断

May 6          United as One 合而為一/合而为一

May 7          False Accusation! 不實的指控/不实的指控

May 8          Running Away! 逃跑

May 9          Willpower 意志力

May 10        A Mother Who Prays 禱告的母親/祷告的母亲

May 11        Wise Counsel 智慧指引

May 12        My Affection 我的情感

May 13        You’ve Got a Friend 有一好友

May 14        Learn to Grow Old Gracefully 黃金歲月/黄金岁月

May 15        Dynastic Changes 改朝換代/改朝换代

May 16        Power Outage 能源中止

May 17        Are You with Me? 你是否伴我同行嗎?/你是否伴我同行吗?

May 18        He Knows! 祂知道!

May 19        A Place Called Providence! 神佑之地!

May 20        Divine Connection 與神聯繫/与神联系

May 21        Strange Cosmic Phenomenon! 宇宙奇觀/宇宙奇观

May 22        Better Than Riches 遠勝財富/远胜财富

May 23        Be Blameless and Pure 頂天立地/顶天立地

May 24        Devout Believer 敬虔信徒

May 25        Be Merciful 要憐恤/要怜恤

May 26        Purifier 清心者

May 27        Godly Sincerity 敬虔的誠實/敬虔的诚实

May 28        Stand by Me 站在我身旁

May 29        The Humble Beginning of a Hero 英雄莫問出處/英雄莫问出处

May 30        He Cares 祂在乎

May 31        Aren’t You Responsible? 你豈沒有責任嗎?/你岂没有责任吗?

Genuine Forgiveness 真饒恕/真饶恕
Tears 眼淚/眼泪
Sibling Rivalry 兄弟之爭
 Anxiety Management 處理焦慮/处理焦虑
My Misjudgment 錯誤的判斷/错误的判断
United as One 合而為一/合而为一
 False Accusation! 不實的指控/不实的指控
 Running Away! 逃跑
Willpower 意志力
A Mother Who Prays 禱告的母親/祷告的母亲
Wise Counsel 智慧指引
You’ve Got a Friend 有一好友
 Learn to Grow Old Gracefully 黃金歲月/黄金岁月
 Dynastic Changes 改朝換代/改朝换代
Power Outage 能源中止
 Are You with Me? 你是否伴我同行嗎?/你是否伴我同行吗?
 He Knows! 祂知道!
A Place Called Providence! 神佑之地!
Divine Connection 與神聯繫/与神联系
Strange Cosmic Phenomenon! 宇宙奇觀/宇宙奇观
Better Than Riches 遠勝財富/远胜财富
 Be Blameless and Pure 頂天立地/顶天立地
 Devout Believer 敬虔信徒
Be Merciful 要憐恤/要怜恤
 Purifier 清心者
Godly Sincerity 敬虔的誠實/敬虔的诚实
Stand by Me 站在我身旁
The Humble Beginning of a Hero 英雄莫問出處/英雄莫问出处
He Cares 祂在乎
Aren’t You Responsible? 你豈沒有責任嗎?/你岂没有责任吗?

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